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We do not offer work on silver, non-precious metals, or any type of lab-made, synthetic or man-made diamonds. We all only provide the highest level of natural stones and gold. To inquire on custom jewelry work, please fill out the form below and include as much detail as possible for an accurate quote.

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Create Your Own Design Original Goldsmith can do custom design for your own pendant with our skilled artists to show your unique style or tell your personal story. Whether you know exactly what you're looking for or just want to create a beautiful piece of jewelry, we'll create the perfect pendant for you.
Draft Get started with the design draft, feel free to share your own ideas with us, then our design team will provide professional advice, and even custom draft, to ensure each one of our custom made jewellery meet our standards.
Do you want this custom made jewelry iced with diamonds? If so, where would you like the diamonds? Desired size, specific dimensions, height, width or length? Can you provide any helpful design pictures of the custom jewelry you want made?
Once we confirm with the hand-draft and materials, we will start doing the 3D rendering. It usually takes 10-14 working day to finish.